A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines; containing A Clear Exposition of Their Principles and Practice

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A New Supplement to the latest Pharmacopoeias of London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Paris, Forming A Complete Dispendatory, Conspectus, and Dictionary of Medical Chemistry, Giving All the Old and New Names, Including the New French and American Medicines, and Poisons; with Symptoms, Treatment, and Tests; as Well As Herbs, Drugs, Compounds, Veterinary Drugs, With the Pharmacopoia of the Vetenary College, Nostrums, Patent Medicines, Perfumery, Paints, Varnishes, And similar articles kept in the Shops; With Their Compositions, Imitations, Adulterations, And Medicinal Uses, Being a General Book of Formulæ and Recipes For Daily Reference in the Laboratory and at the Counter.

Fourth edition, corrected, improved, and very much enlarged.

By James Rennie, M. A., Editor of the Quarterly Journal ofForeign Medicine; the Pharmacopeia Universalis; Author of a Conspectus of Prescriptions in Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery; the Pharmacopeia Imperialis, &c. &c.

London: Baldwin and Cradock. 1837.

London: Thomas Curson Hansard, Paternoster Row.

Notice of the Fourth Edition.
The new Pharmacopoeia of the London College of Physicians of 1836 is so changed from the preceding one of 1824, not only in the nomenclature, but in both the quantities and the processes, while many articles and preparations, altogether new, are introduced, that it became imperative on me in preparing this edition for the press, to revise minutery every line, and to re-write no inconsiderable portion of the whole. In the numerous formulæ inserted in the colume, which are not in any of the College Pharmacopoeias, I deemed it advisable, for the sake of uniformity, to adhere to the nomenclature now ordered by the London College, and hence I have throughout discarded the old terms Muriatic, Muriate, Oxymuriate, Submuriate, Prussiate, Tartar Emetic, Tartarized Antimony, Calomel, Corrosive Sublimate, and the like, taking care always to place those old names in the order of the alphabet, and referring to the new names for the details. In this way, the present edition will be found, I hope, to be very useful for refreshing the memory and for deciphering prescriptions, till physicians, apothecaries, and chemists before familiarised with the new names - a circumstance which must prove not a little embarrassing, for a considerable time to come.